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300 years ago our home was a simple barn, shared by poor farmers and their families. Over time, as generation passed to generation, the dwelling was enlarged to accommodate additional tenants and expanded livestock.


In the beginning of the last century, the breeding and processing of silkworms was widespread in Cevennes. At a time when life was full of hardship and most were very poor the “magnagneries”, silk worm breeding houses, provided a much needed source of wealth for the region. Like most old farmhouses in the Cevennes, our home was also used for the silkworm business - mostly for drying silkworm.


As time passed and industries involved, the silkworm operations transitioned to more modern day professions.  And as travel became easier, families moved on from the home and others moved in. We took ownership in 2013.  Typical for its age, the home was in need of much repair as well as some tender loving care, but it was obvious the history, charm, and soul were intact.  In May of 2014, La Maison des Revés – the home of our dreams – was complete.  Nestled in the hills of the Cevennes, surrounded by breathtaking mountainous views, and now complete with modern luxury comfort, La Maison des Revés offers restful nights and carefree days easily making your holiday in southern France the best ever!

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